Some of my children’s short stories for 8-12 year olds read out by myself on YouTube

Here are some of my children’s short stories for 8-12 year olds read out by myself on YouTube.


Reading short stories out loud to an audience is a good way of discovering whether or not you have a strong plot arc.


The Pig

A boy helps an escaped pig avoid recapture but the brute from the slaughterhouse swears to turn him into a string of sausages if he catches him hiding the pig.


The Hair-snatching Witch

Gracie vows revenge on a hair-snatching witch who left her completely bald for ever after.


Herbal Tea

Fursey convinces the whole class that their old teacher has just died in the middle of the lesson and that they will be blamed for it unless they dump the body elsewhere.


El Grande

Young Pedro washes dishes for a living in order to support his family, a tough job made far worse by a cruel, bullying chef. Yet, the boy has dreams of escaping this harsh life.


The Little Helper

Cindy’s plans of marrying wealthy, disabled Harry are challenged by Harry’s little helper, Eliza, a capuchin monkey.


Paddy’s Beard

A ten-year-old boy who has a beautiful beard goes toe to toe with a new teacher who hates all kinds of hair.


Snakes at the Table

The Boffs bring Harvey, their pet albino boa constrictor, to a dinner party with ill intentions in mind.


The Class Groveller

Sick to the back teeth of having a champion groveller in his class, Jeff Hardy sets out to bring him to heel with the help of his good classmate Johnny Dipp.


The Ears

Author’s note: Anything strange ever happened to you? And when I say strange, I mean strange. A long time ago, when I was only eleven years old, the strangest thing happened to me. So, here’s the story.


Danny’s Brain

Danny, a boy born with no brain whatsoever, nevertheless has a loving mum and dad who are determined to see him live a fulfilling life.


The Meanie in the Sweetshop

Dan and Bill face real trouble at their local school sweetshop when a mean woman starts working there.


Good Table Manners

Children’s short story for 8-12 year olds, read out by the author on YouTube

A rude customer in a restaurant appears to be getting away with bullying the staff, but, Polly, who is eating there with her parents, soon discovers that all is not as it seems.


My Stinky Parents

Kate’s form teacher and several classmates are due to come to her house for dinner, but before the big event she must first change her parents into clean and tidy people so that they won’t embarrass her in front of her guests.








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