Work in progress

Falling Molly Twist will soon have its rehearsed reading. I will post the date and venue details when I receive them.

Type of play: … a tale….a fable. A poem! (Molly Twist’s own words)

Molly’s first big dream was destroyed in France on her third year studies, her second when she is raped and beaten in an unexpected attack. After this, she begins freefalling, and though she is aware of her increasingly self-destructive behaviour, she has no idea how to prevent the inevitable crash.

Then she meets Damien, an odd little character, who conducts himself with a mysterious, philosophical and slightly comical air. On their first meeting, Damien tells her, out of all the people everywhere I could’ve chosen to trust, I chose you. I exposed my vulnerability to you. That’s some responsibility you now carry on your shoulders.

Who is Damien? And could the quirky relationship with him that follows possibly offer any positive influence over Molly’s self-predicted downfall?

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